LOLcryption (XAXpdlbguaz)

Plain Text (Bxiuz Gokg)
Cipher Text (Pubtod Gokg)
What is LOLcryption?

LOLcryption is a caesar cipher like ROT13, but with a twist.

While ROT13 shifts the characters along one alphabet, LOLcryption uses two — consonants and vowels.

LOLcryption considers vowels separate, and shifts them independently. 'a' becomes 'i', 'e' becomes 'o', 'i' becomes 'u', 'o' becomes 'a', and 'u' becomes 'e'.

Similarly, 'b' becomes 'n', and so on until 'z' becomes 'm'.

What is Theucon?

Theucon is a string scrambler.

The algorithm takes the input string, scrambles the characters according to a sequence of integers, and returns the output string.

In this case, the sequence is prime numbers. 0 is an awkward case that is included in the sequence for simplicity.

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." would encrypt to become "Te ucrwo prtzo.hikbnjmv lqo xsh d u eafeygo "

By master5o1 · And a little help from my friends · Hosted with GitHub:Pages (repo)
imgur encrypt/decrypt derived from this game.
Theucon devised by my brother.