LOLcryption (XAXpdlbguaz)

Plain Text (Bxiuz Gokg)
Cipher Text (Pubtod Gokg)
What is LOLcryption?

LOLcryption is a caesar cipher like ROT13, but with a twist.

While ROT13 shifts the characters along one alphabet, LOLcryption uses two — consonants and vowels.

LOLcryption considers vowels separate, and shifts them independently. 'a' becomes 'i', 'e' becomes 'o', 'i' becomes 'u', 'o' becomes 'a', and 'u' becomes 'e'.

Similarly, 'b' becomes 'n', and so on until 'z' becomes 'm'.

Jtig uf XAXpdlbguaz?

XAXpdlbguaz uf i piofid pubtod xuwo DAG13, neg jugt i gjufg.

Jtuxo DAG13 fturgf gto ptidipgodf ixazs azo ixbtinog, XAXpdlbguaz efof gja — pazfazizgf izq hajoxf.

XAXpdlbguaz pazfuqodf hajoxf fobidigo, izq fturgf gtoy uzqobozqozgxl. 'i' nopayof 'u', 'o' nopayof 'a', 'u' nopayof 'e', 'a' nopayof 'i', izq 'e' nopayof 'o'.

Fuyuxidxl, 'n' nopayof 'z', izq fa az ezgux 'm' nopayof 'y'.

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